1. Why can I not pair my remote to my Night Stars?

Within 5 seconds of plugging in the laser lights, press the ON/OFF button on your remote to sync. Night Stars unit must be paired within the first 5 seconds of being plugged in. 


2. Is Night Stars Laser Lights OK to be outdoors?

Yes, Night stars is weather proof and sealed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the housing.


3. Is there any limitations to performance in snow?

No, for weather temperatures -10 degrees F, please allow time, usually 10-15 minutes startup time for laser to turn on.


4. Can I hang my Night Stars?

Yes. When hanging the Night Stars, for safety purposes it is recommended to mount using a sturdy hanging clamp and safety cable.


    5. Can I use the Night Stars with a dimmer?

    No, please do not use with dimmers.


    6. Can I use my larger transformer with the Night Stars?

    No, please only use the supplied transformer connected to a properly grounded outdoor outlet.


    7. What type of Laser is used on the Night Stars product?

    Class IIIA


    8. What is the material the Night Stars is made of?

    Powder Coated Aluminum for durability.


    9. What is the coverage area?

    Coverage area varies depending on the model. Click here to see product details for more information.


    10. Does the projector light cover a specific square footage?

    From 16 feet away, the laser spread will cover a 25x25 foot area. When moved further back, more than 40x40 feet of coverage has been achieved.


    11. Do I need to buy additional units to make sure my whole house or landscape is lit up?

    For homes that are markedly longer than they are tall, like a ranch-style house, we recommend using two or a double coverage model. Landscape coverage will vary, so we recommend starting with one laser and adding additional units to suit your decorating taste.


    12. How long is the cord?

    The laser light cord is 25 feet long.


    13. Is it water/weatherproof?

    Yes, the laser is weather proof but do not submerge in water or place in a low-lying area where water will pool around it.