Moving, Red and Green Lasers with 16 Color LED Spotlight, Smart Phone App Controlled

The spectacular Night Stars Premium Series Moving, Red and Green Laser with 16 Color LED Spotlight is bringing our Night Stars Premium Series line into the digital age! This laser light is blue tooth enabled and controlled with our downloadable smartphone app for both Android and Apple devices!

This wondrous laser light features a moving kaleidoscope of red and green laser dots, as well as 2 colored LED spotlights that combine to give an array of 16 colors to give your laser display even more appeal.

NIGHT STARS US PATENTS US 9,458,994 B1, US 9,546,775 B1, US 9,562,673 B1, US D765,906 S, US D766,483 S, US D766,484 S, US D773, 707 S

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