Digital Motion Projector with 12 Holiday Videos

Amaze your family, friends, and the entire neighborhood! with magical animations from this innovative projector. Display holiday scenes in a window or on a wall with the Night Stars Holiday Magic Digital Motion Projector! Included SD card comes pre-loaded with eight spooky Halloween and four festive Christmas scenes...with sound!  Amazing, life-like, animations add fun and interest to your home. Create an instant conversation piece for parties and entertaining!

Buy quality that will last for years! Night Star Lasers are available with a free extended 3 year warranty on all orders!

Specs & Features:

  • Included screen hangs in window to display scenes indoors and outdoors simultaneously
  • Includes projector, remote, tripod, display screen, and SD card preloaded with 12 holiday scenes
  • Adjustable Lens
  • Integrated user interface
  • Inputs: USB, HDMI, AV, SD Slot and VGA
  • Outputs: Speaker and Headphone Aux
  • Onboard control panel
NIGHT STARS US PATENTS US 9,458,994 B1, US 9,546,775 B1, US 9,562,673 B1, US D765,906 S, US D766,483 S, US D766,484 S, US D773, 707 S

Usable Inside and Out

This is the perfect piece if you are looking for a projector for inside or outside your home. It adds additonal effects to bring the holiday spirit anytime without all the hassle. Get it at a reasonable price with a free extended 3 year warranty because we know our products are quality.

Festive and Scary

This projector adds just enough spice for the holiday season without going overboard. Be the conversation starter with Night Stars and show off just how easy it is to bring your home to life.

Simple and Elegant

Across all 12 projections there are those designs to be complex or simple whatever your need. Spice up the living room, walkway or even the porch as the kids swing by for Halloween candy. Don't wait to get it, set it up today.

Victoria Vanderbill

"Night Stars is one of those companies were you can just trust the brand. They always do right by the customers and they continue to make quality products for families. It's so much fun being able to decorate the entire home with the press of a button. I have never run across another product that works so smoothly and lasts longer than one holiday season. It's really worth the money and Night Stars backs all of their products."

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