Take up to 80% on these Amazing Holiday Laser Light Projectors 

October 20, 2017

Take up to 80% on these Amazing Holiday Laser Light Projectors 

When the holidays are coming around the corner, there’s no better word to hear than “SALE!” 

We here at Night Stars have taken a little off the top of some of our favorite holiday laser light projectors so our valued customers can find it easier to budget. This way, you don’t have to decide between the next big video game console for your kids and an amazing laser light display for your home. You can have it all!

Below are six of our favorite laser, LED and video light projectors perfect for the holidays!

6. Digital Window Decorating Kit with 12 Holiday Videos

By far one of our most extraordinary holiday light projectors is the Digital Window Decorating Kit with 12 Holiday Videos.

It’s kind of like the famous displays in department stores in New York City, except with a 21st Century twist! 

Select from 12 amazing designs—4 for Christmas and an amazing 8 for Halloween! There are falling snowflakes, festive partygoers, walking zombies and a witch conjuring potions. This projector is sure to make your holiday party unforgettable!

5. Holiday Charms – LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light

For us, the Holiday Charms - LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light  might be one of our favorites. Pop in one of the 12 slides and watch your home become transformed by festive LED lights!

In this holiday laser light projector, we offer snowflakes for a winter wonderland, falling orange and red leaves for your Thanksgiving feast and red and pink hearts for a romantic Valentine’s evening.

But you can also expect displays for those fun-filled Friday or Saturday night parties like classy white polka dots and balloons for that birthday or graduate. Keep them still or pick one of 3 motion speeds, the choice is yours!

4. Moving 5 Pattern Laser with Remote – Single

Glittering lights, laser Christmas trees and much more are all at the touch of a button with our Moving 5 Pattern Laser.

Keep them still or cycle through each of the displays and get a little more WOW factor out of your next holiday get-together!

And just like all of our other wonderful holiday laser light projectors, this one comes with a free 3-year warranty, durable cast aluminum casing and 3000 sq. ft. of coverage! 

3. Red, Green, & Blue, 16 LED with Remote

Our Red, Green, and Blue, 16 LED is a perfect light if you’re looking to celebrate Hanukkah this year!

Believe it or not, it’s one of the few LED light projectors that offers a blue light! This laser light projector also boasts a soft and subtle, color changing floodlight for added ambience! 

2. Red & Green Laser with Remote

Our Red & Green Laser with Remote is perhaps one of the best deals for the most power that we offer!

It’s one of the Deluxe Series light projectors that really lets you choose!

Choose between red lights, green lights or a combination of both lights. Choose between flashing or still laser lights. Choose the speed of the flashing. Choose for how long you want your timer set. The choices truly seem endless!

Plus, you can get a certified reconditioned Red & Green Laser with Remote for just $55.99!

1. Dual Moving 12-Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote

While we love them all, the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Light with Remote could very well be the most exceptional. The LED light designs are unmatched in the industry: for Christmas, there’s a traditional Christmas ornament, a jolly Santa Clause with full beard and twinkling eyes, a candy cane, snowflake, ringing bells and a star! 

By far, one of the most popular images is the solemn angel sounding a trumpet. When you flip the motion setting on, it actually appears as if there are multiple angels flying around the façade of your home! You simply must see it to believe it!

It’s a common misconception that these holiday laser light projectors are just for Christmas but they work amazingly for other holidays too!

For Halloween, there’s a bat in flight and a witch on her broom and, using the motion settings, you can have them fluttering around your home or garden to the delight of your guests and neighbors!


With our 80% off sale, we hope we’ve made your holiday shopping a little bit easier. Best of all, you don’t need coupons, codes or secret passwords to access these deals! Just put them in your basket and check out! And, with our free economy shipping in the continental U.S., you’ll have your incredible laser light projectors in no time and at a fraction of the cost!

Why wait? Order now!


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