Creative Ways to Set up Your Outdoor Laser Lights

February 02, 2017

Outdoor Laser Lights Displaying on a House

Many homeowners have enjoyed using outdoor laser lights to create beautiful lighting displays during the holiday season. But the best part about your landscape lighting investment is Night Stars products can be enjoyed all year long!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and put your LED laser lights to use for all your special occasions. You can also use them to accentuate your landscaping, or indoors for fabulous effects!

Night Stars Lighting has also created wonderful accessories to help you use your lighting systems in a wide variety of ways, so you can get the most value out of your purchases.

Get Creative with These Lighting Accessories

12 Volt Connector

Use your current landscape lighting system to power your new outdoor lights. All it takes is this 12 Volt Connector to streamline your landscape lighting. 

Lighting Tripod

The tripod allows you to stand your lights on a flat surface rather than staking them into the ground. This is particularly helpful when using laser lights indoors.

Lighting Clip Mount

If you want to position your outdoor lights from overhead, then these clip mounts are the way to go. The mount is excellent for lighting that requires precision placement, such as stage lighting or highlighting a single object.

Fun Ways to Use Your Outdoor Laser Lights

Now that you’ve got your accessories, here are a few exciting ways to put them to work. From home décor to large concerts, there are countless uses for LED and laser lights.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Christmas Tree

When decorating for Christmas, many people use their laser lights for the front of their home. Don’t forget you can also save yourself time, money and energy by using your laser lights to make your holiday tree gorgeous as well!

Use the lighting tripod to hold the lights beneath the tree and let Night Stars shine through the branches for a truly illuminated holiday season.

Outdoor Landscaping

Position your lights to showcase specific locations throughout your yard. Place them directly over an outdoor water fountain or other landscaping feature using the clip mount.

You can install your outdoor laser lights close to an object so the light shines directly on a specific tree, gazebo, swimming pool or patio.

Wow your guests with different colored outdoor laser lights placed strategically around your property to bring attention to your favorite outdoor décor items.


Add instant sparkle to your reception or nighttime wedding. You can use your laser lights to fill the ballroom or cathedral with shimmering lights!

Or, bring the night sky right into your reception tent. Say “I do” under a blanket of beautiful, glittering lights, without the headache of using traditional light bulbs. Set the perfect ambiance for your special night, and use the money saved for a honeymoon you’ll never forget.

Theater and Entertainment

Create instant effect for your play or musical. Laser lights are excellent for entertainment of all kinds, from DJ’s, to Open Mic Nights.

Light your stage with thousands of stars and set the tone for a magical evening.

Prom and Homecoming Dances

Use Night Stars in place of a traditional lighting system and heavy, outdated disco balls. Kids will love dancing under the beautiful lights, and your school will save time on set up and reduce expenses in the process. Give your students a night they’ll remember forever!

Our laser lights also make a wonderful backdrop for pictures or mood lighting during banquets.

Indoor Dinner Party

Inviting your favorite guests over for a good time? Make a statement by using your laser lights to fill your home with thousands of sparkles. You’ll make a major impact without having to go out of your way or splurge on decorations that you won’t use again.

Night Stars are perfect for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers.

Celebrating Other Holidays

Outdoor laser lights aren’t just for Christmas either. They can be used for Hanukah, Fourth of July, Trick-or-Treating and any other time you feel like being festive!

Our Holiday Charms 12 Pattern LED Motion Projection Light will decorate your home for Fall, Winter, Halloween, Fourth of July, Birthdays, Springtime, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and more.

Feeling Inspired? Get Your Own Set of Outdoor Laser Lights from Night Stars Landscape Lighting

Are you ready to instantly celebrate any occasion with the push of a button? Then invest in a quality outdoor laser light system from Night Stars Landscape Lighting.

Avoid the unnecessary expenses of decorating with traditional bulbs. Stop wasting your precious time and energy installing and cleaning up your decorations. No matter what kind of event you want to throw, or what time of the year it is, you can have a beautifully decorated home that’s ready for your family, guests and neighbors to enjoy!  

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