Amazing Spectacles: The Night Stars Deluxe Series

May 10, 2017

Deluxe Laser Light Collection

Plenty of terms get thrown around when folks see certain products and notice that their prices are low. Words like “introductory” or “basic” get mixed up in a word salad that often becomes synonymous with “cheap. 

Often, these words that get conjured in a customer’s mind can do wonders for a business. Eventually, the customer goes up the ladder, clicking and clicking until they get to the super-premium series and drop some serious dough on a top-of-the-line laser light that basically turns into the Batmobile when the holidays come around.

But we don’t see it that way, not at all. In fact, we might just love our Deluxe Series as much as we do any of our other holiday (and non-holiday) laser lights. Some of our customers have described our laser light Deluxe Series as an “economy car with the soul of a monster truck.” We’re not entirely sure what that means but we kind of like it. Because these lights are powerful but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In this article, we’re going to take you on a midnight cruise through our Deluxe Series and you can see for yourself what these wily little lights can do!

The Green Laser

A little bit like the Green Monster, the Green Laser is the iconic light that started it all. Do you want to forever end your tangled mess of Christmas lights but do it quickly, efficiently and economically? Well, then look no further than the Green Laser. See the way it sparkles against the façade of your home. The way the eyes of your children will light up as they see the joy you’ve brought to your Christmas and holidays displays.

And at $25.99, you can’t afford not to buy this laser light!

The Green Laser with 6-Hour Timer

If you’ve ever worried that your brand spanking new laser light is going to add unnecessary heft to your monthly utility bill, look no further than the Green Laser with 6-hour Timer!

As you might imagine, this little light has all the power of the Original Green Laser with a nice timer that will make sure the lights are on when you want them to be, and not when you don’t! For a limited time, you can grab this light for an incredible $27.99!

The Green Laser with Remote

This is when things get really cool. The Green Laser with Remote represents the ultimate marriage of economy and leisure—kind of like a really reasonably priced private jet!

Not only do you get the glittering green laser light and the 4, 6 or 8-hour timer, but you’re also getting the capability of remote control! So while you’re changing the channels on your TV, you can also change the setting on your laser light projector! Turn the projector on or off, set the timer or even set the lights to flashing! The power is yours!

Green Laser, LED Spotlight with Remote

Maybe you’ve got the basic gist by now: the green laser light projectors in our Deluxe Series are easy on the eyes and easy on your wallet. So what we did with the Green Laser, LED Spotlight with Remote is brought all of that great laser tech and then bundled it with an LED spotlight!

This way, you can have your green laser lights or an incredible bright, white accent light to spotlight your home. It’s sure to make a splash in any neighborhood! The best part is the price: all of that power and light for just $59.99. And if you choose to get one of our certified recondition lights, that price is slashed to just $41.99!

Red & Green Laser with Remote

Has our Deluxe Series already begun to leave you breathless? Well, there’s one more laser light projector we’d like to introduce you to. He’s sort of the big daddy of the Deluxe Series and for good reason—our Red & Green Laser with Remote is perhaps one of the best deals for the most power that we offer!

It’s one of the Deluxe Series light projectors that really lets you choose! Choose between red lights, green lights or a combination of both lights. Choose between flashing or still laser lights. Choose the speed of the flashing. Choose for how long you want your timer set. The choices truly seem endless! You can get a certified reconditioned Red & Green Laser with Remote for just $55.99!


We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface with our Deluxe Series. We forgot to mention that all of these great lights are constructed of durable ABS plastic, come with a free warranty, cover 1,600 sq. ft. of your home and are completely weather resistant. Oh yeah, and we offer free shipping for orders over $50 and ship the same day!

With all of these great options, what are you waiting for? Place your order for one of our fantastic Deluxe Series laser light projectors today!

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