Innovative Auditory Laser Lights You’ll Have to Hear to Believe!

September 27, 2017

Innovative Auditory Laser Lights You’ll Have to Hear to Believe!

It’d be the understatement of the century to say that the holidays would be nothing without music. There’s a special feeling when you’ve got the family gathered around the home with hot drinks and the sounds of the seasons playing through the night. We bet you can already hear them now: sleigh bells jingling, the crack of wood in the fire and solemn carols. 

Usually, when you buy traditional string lights, you’ve got to separate sound and vision. It would be just too much for those other companies to create string lights that are able to play holiday sounds.

Luckily, Night Stars is able to do what traditional string lights can’t!

Not only can you have a beautiful holiday laser light display but also the sounds of the season you love!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two of our most popular holiday laser light projectors that are a feast for both eyes and ears!

Red and Green Laser with LED Spotlight and Holiday Sounds 

For the holidays this year, why not let the Night Stars Red & Green Laser with LED Spotlight and Holiday Sounds provide you all the audio merriment you need. With such classics as “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Silent Night,” you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Christmas Classics playlist! 

But these laser light projectors aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Set them up at Halloween and wait until a trick-or-treater comes to ring your bell. When they do, they will be frightfully delighted when both an LED strobe and a maniacal cackle, creepy screams or sounds from a spooky cave emanate from your light’s 360° radar-based motion detection technology!

Of course, one of the best features is the ability to choose from four distinct motion sensor modes:

  1. Halloween Mode 1: A brilliant green laser light with our motion sensor activating sound. 
  1. Halloween Mode 2: The same great green laser light but the motion sensor activates flashing spotlights and Halloween sounds. 
  1. Christmas Mode 1: Red and green laser light, which are absolutely perfect for the holidays.
  1. Christmas Mode 2: The red and green laser light but our motion sensor activates Christmas music!

This year, why not knock the neighbor’s socks off with your incredible holiday laser light display. Set a single laser light projector up for Halloween and don’t bother taking it down ‘til New Years! 

It’s almost too easy!

HD Weather Resistant Outdoor Video Projector with Remote

When you’ve got to let every house on the block know you’re the crowned royal family of the holidays, the HD Weather Resistant Outdoor Video Projector with Remote is the only way to do it!

This isn’t your average laser light projector because it’s not a laser light projector at all!

Instead, this light projects incredible HD images on your home that will look like something from the last U2 tour! This projector comes with ten different animations each five minutes in length and with sound. We’ve included animations for your winter holidays, creepy scenes for Halloween, and patriotic banners and anthems for the 4th of July!

Best of all, if you want to have a movie night out on the lawn, you can hook up your own HD video to the projector as well. Your family and friends will be stunned at the incredible quality that this HD projector can produce. Create your very own drive-in movie theatre without leaving your neighborhood! Our Ultra-bright 3000-lumen LEDs create crisp, clear images with HDMI output, audio output, internal speaker and auto on/off light sensor-timer.

As expected, both of these lights come with an absolutely FREE three-year warranty, offer coverage of up to 3000 square feet, and are water and cold weather resistant! Installation is fast, safe and easy so you’ll never have to get that ladder out of the garage again!


So this year, take your holiday light display to the next level with audio and visual delights that are sure to have all of the neighbors talking! And right now, we’re offering free economy shipping on ALL ORDERS now through the holidays. There’s no better time to buy, so start your holiday shopping early.

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