Laser Light Bonanza: The Premium Series

May 17, 2017

Premium Series Laser Lights

While the Celebration Series has all the bells, whistles and Santa Claus window displays, and the Deluxe Series combines great value with fantastic laser light projectors, the Premium Series is a little bit of both. If you want a laser light projector that is closer to that coveted top-of-the-line feel, but also don’t want to break the bank, then the Premium Series is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

We’re going to break down what makes each individual light so unique in this stunning series (no simple task as this is our most bountiful collection) and give you a few reasons why they would make great additions to any home or garden! 

Green Laser Light

We know what you’re saying, “Wait just a minute. Didn’t I see Green Laser over in the Deluxe Series? Haven’t I already read all about what makes this little light so great and powerful?”

Well the answer is yes, you have seen the Green Laser—but not like this!

This Green Laser is upgraded from the base model (made of durable ABS Plastic) to long lasting and ultra-strong cast aluminum! It’s got all the same great features but a lot stronger and more weather resistant.

Double Coverage – Red & Green Laser Light

Do you love our laser lights but sometimes just want a little bit more? Well then this is the laser light projector for you! 

Double Coverage – Red & Green Laser does just what you’d expect it to do—give you more coverage for your home! While our entire catalog of lasers project up to 3000 sq. ft, this light goes twice the distance, covering an astonishing 6000 sq. ft! It’s truly remarkable!

Red & Green Laser Light with LED Spotlight & Holiday Sounds

Sometimes the light is just not enough. If you want to spice up your display this holiday season, might we suggest the Red & Green Laser with LED Spotlights and Holiday Sounds?

During the winter holidays, it plays Christmas music for your guests and carolers, and come Halloween, you spook trick-or-treaters with creepy sounds and flashing lights! In addition to the sounds, this projector also has an LED spotlight for accenting your home!

Red & Green Moving Kaleidoscope Laser with Remote

Using the totally original Move Technology, you can transform your home into a brilliant display of moving light!

Our Red & Green Moving Kaleidoscope Laser with Remote will project thousands of glimmering points of light, allowing you to watch the choreographed dance of a kaleidoscope of movement!

With the remote, you can easily adjust the speed of your lights or just have them stay steady and static! 

Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light with Remote

Sometimes, you just want to dazzle your guests and the Red & Green Shimmer Laser with Remote is one of the best ways to do that! Whether you’re using it around the holidays, or just to give some color to your back patio, this laser light projector won’t disappoint with the ability to make your lights move and shimmer with the click of a remote!

Red, Green, LED Spotlight with Remote

Are you sensing a pattern here? With this laser light projector, we again took our great laser light tech and combined it with an LED accent light. Position these around your home and create a wonderful display of light and color!

Red & Green, 16 LED with Remote

If the truly stunning technology of laser lights just isn’t enough, then add the likewise amazing LED tech! With the Red & Green, 16 LED with Remote, you can bathe your home in a soothing blue, sultry red, or one of the other myriad of colors thanks to the LED accent light built right in alongside your glittering, shimmering red and green laser lights! 

Red, Green & Blue Laser Light with Remote

Hold onto your seats, folks, because here we have the WORLD’S FIRST TriCOLOR Laser system! Not only can you enjoy the red and green lights you’ve come to know and love but, with the Red, Green & Blue Laser with Remote, also a cool blue! This light is perfect for those of us who celebrate Hanukkah!

Red, Green & Blue, 16 LED with Remote

With the all of the same amazing aspects of the RGB Laser with Remote, this laser light projector adds a 16 color LED to give your house just a little bit more of an edge over the Joneses down the street!

Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Laser Lights with Remote

Are you trying to keep the spirit of the 1960s alive? Or perhaps you’re just wondering what it would be like if you stepped “through the looking glass?” The Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Lasers with Remote lets you easily do all of these things! Created to promote the new Alice in Wonderland Disney movie, this light promises to give your home a look like no other! This light is for those that truly go their own way!


All of these lights are currently on sale and selling fast! So get your hands on one (or all) before their gone!

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