How Holiday Laser Lights Save Lives

February 11, 2017

car with laser lights

You’ve probably never heard anyone utter the phrase, “I had so much FUN hanging my holiday lights last year!” And if you have, you may want to consider getting that person some professional help.

To the rational person, hanging your Christmas lights is time consuming, labor intensive and, above all, incredibly dangerous, in terms of fall-related injuries.

But no matter the cost, no matter the hazard, it’s always going to end up at the top of the honey-do list the minute you get done digesting your Thanksgiving turkey.

A Christmas Story: Man vs. Holiday Lights 

Cast your mind for a moment to the holiday season— you’re scaling that icy ladder, the cold wind blowing in your face, you arrive at the summit of your roof, and you can see your whole neighborhood. You take that first whack of the hammer, lose your footing and take a tumble.

You’re okay but, of course, your spouse insists that you make the trip to the emergency room to get checked out. You’re given a clean bill of health save for a lingering pain in the backside but, without question, the chore of hanging the holiday lights must still be done!

Just the Facts 

This isn’t just fiction, friend. In 2010 alone, 13,000 people were treated for injuries related to hanging holiday lights, just in the United States alone! In 2012, that number went up by 15%, proving that holiday injuries are no doubt on the rise.

That’s all well and good, and you’ve got all the info you need, but you’re still holding that tangle of holiday lights and looking up at that rickety old ladder. Those holiday lights have got to go up and you’re the only person who can do it. 

Even though you’ve never been one to shy away from what amounts to minor injuries, you think to yourself, “We’ve got computers in our pockets and vehicles that run on electricity, so how are we still reliant on dim-bulb Christmas lights?”

The Future of Holiday Lights

You’re a sharp tack because the future of holiday lights is here and it’s in LED and laser light projectors from us here at Night Stars!

We’ve put years of study and market research into our holiday lights and we’re confident they’re the sturdiest, the brightest and the safest to install for all your brilliant Christmas or holiday light displays. 

Steps To Success

You can now ditch your ladder and put the hammer back in the shed because it’s never been easier or safer to transform your home into a winter wonderland with laser and LED light projectors. In fact, it can be accomplished in four easy steps: 


            Step 1: Attach the stake or mount

            Step 2: Put the stake in the ground or mount

            Step 3: Plug in, turn on and enjoy!

No more climbing on icy roofs. No more time spent in the frigid weather. No more wondering when the first (or next) fall is going to come. Not only have you made your light-hanging ritual inarguably safer, but also you’ve made it exceedingly easy. You’re going to have that honey-do list done faster than you can say, “Just add a little more of that brandy to my eggnog please” and you’ll be on that couch enjoying the game in no time.

Why Wait?

Using your profound powers of persuasion, you’ve convinced your spouse that LED or laser lights are the way to go for the holiday season (not just because it’s easier, of course). The question now is, why wait? Of course, you could put it on the list for just around Halloween, but prices across the board are going to climb the closer we get to Christmas. Right now, our laser lights are priced to move and you can even pick up refurbished models for a fraction of the cost! 

As the saying goes, the best time to get your holiday shopping done is early! 

Of course, the winter holidays aren’t the only times you can use your Night Stars holiday laser lights. In fact, we’ve laid out a whole bunch of days and ways you can keep your laser lights burning bright all year round!

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