Holiday Decorating Hacks: DIY Ideas and Holiday Cheat Codes

August 02, 2017

holiday decorating

If you haven’t noticed, around here at Night Stars, we’ve been celebrating Christmas in July for the last few weeks and have been having a blast doing it! It’s not just our business to provide easy solutions for outdoor laser lights and decorations but also our passion! And when we get to spread a little holiday cheer before the actual holiday, we think its all for the better!

We know that decorating can be hard and sometimes even dangerous. It’s our intention with our products to make your holiday decorating as easy and safe as possible while providing you with beautiful laser light displays for your home. In this article, we’re going to continue that trend by showing you a few, cool holiday hacks to make your decorating a snap!

DIY Decorating

Sure, store-bought decorations are fine. You can easily go down to the hardware store or big box and leave with armfuls of twinkling knick-knacks for your holiday displays. But there’s something to be said for making your own decorations. It makes your home truly unique and can bring your family together. Imagine getting your entire family to sit around the table and craft their very own decorations!

One of our favorite design ideas is ice lanterns for your patio or porch. It’s deceptively simple and all you need is a few cups and bowls, water and a tea candle. Get the directions for this one here.

If you want to try something a little more advanced, you can make your own upholstered Christmas tree decorations. These can give your home a really festive look without too much effort! Get the step-by-step guide here! 

Not Purely Ornamental

Another one of our favorite ways to enjoy the lead up to the holiday season is by making our own ornaments, This is also a great way to engage the kids and pull them away from the their phone or Xbox.

One of the best things we’ve seen are these holiday light bulb ornaments. You’ll need a few things from the craft store, namely the bulbs with no light fixtures and mini-bottle brush trees, but creating these cool ornaments is a snap! Check out the how-to here.

If you’ve got some old wine corks around (and who doesn’t?) you can effortlessly create a wine cork Rudolph ornament. All you need are some wine corks, pinecones, a hot glue gun and a few craft items and you can have all of Santa’s reindeer represented on your tree. The guide for making these cute little ornaments can be found here. 

Outdoor Decorating Made Easy

If you’re looking to spread the holiday cheer to the neighborhood, we’ve got some hacks to make decorating your home that much easier.

Some of our favorite advancements in traditional light technology are Christmas lights woven into a net. With netted lights, you can easily light up those bushes and shrubs around your home without getting onto a rickety ladder and putting your life on the line scaling the roof. You can pick up net lights at almost any hardware store or big box retailer.

Of course, we’ve got to mention our own outdoor laser lights when we’re discussing holiday decorating hacks! For instance, if you’re looking to really WOW the neighbors, try using our Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote. This laser light will project twelve incredible different patterns onto your home—from a solemn angel and her trumpet, to jolly ol’ St. Nick, to a witch on her broom and even polka dots for secular affairs! It’s truly an incredible projector.

Or, if you’re planning your holiday party, we suggest the Digital Motion Projector with 12 Holiday Videos. With this projector, you can display holiday scenes on your window or wall such as Santa Claus, falling snowflakes or holiday revelers!


For some, the idea of DIY decorating seems like a far away concept. We live busy lives and, when it comes time to wind down, we just want to curl up with a book or binge-watch some Netflix. But if you can make the time, slow down and give some of these cool holiday ideas a shot. We think you’ll find that it’s more fulfilling than three hours of streaming TV shows and, when you’re done, you’ll have new, unique holiday decorations that will surely be the talk of all your Christmas parties!

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