Free economy shipping on all orders, now through the holidays! (Continental US only)

Free economy shipping on all orders, now through the holidays! (Continental US only)

4 Shockingly Cool Ways to Use Your Motion Laser Light Projector

June 21, 2017

laser lights as concerts

When most people think of motion laser light projectors, they probably think of the wintertime holidays. That’s a fairly normal reaction as a good chunk of our business at Night Stars is done during the months leading up to Christmas. What most folks don’t know is that there are an abundance of other ways to use your motion laser light projector that don’t have anything to do with fir trees, silver bells, or tinsel. 

Here, we’re going to be laying out a few shockingly cool things you can do with your motion laser light projectors all year round.


We know plenty of people who are planning their weddings on a shoestring budget. These days, it seems that more young people are putting their money toward buying a home or other large ticket items instead of shelling out (or asking their parents to shell out) a boatload of cash for their weddings.

Consider this—even lighting alone can cost up to an estimated $2,500 dollars. That’s a down payment on a new car or the beginning of a down payment on a new home!

Instead, you can have top-quality mood lighting at a fraction of a cost with a motion laser light projector. For instance, while the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red and Green Laser with Remote has plenty of holiday settings, the classic polka dot lighting or laser heart would be perfect for a wedding or reception celebrating love and life!

Haunted House

This Halloween, sure, you can setup your porch to be spooky and maybe scare some of the neighborhood kids.

Or you can kick it up a notch.

Instead of dipping your toe in the water, you can go all out and build your very own haunted house!

It might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple and there are plenty of guides out there that can help you with your construction. After you’ve put up your walls and cotton cobwebs, you’re going to need some mood lighting. What could be better than the Red and Green Laser with LED Spotlight and Holiday Sounds? Not only does it have a motion light that will spook your guests as soon as they enter your terrifying house of horror, but also there are eerie sounds and unearthly cackles!


If you’re looking for lighting solutions for your club or venue, motion laser light projectors can be a cost effective and easy-to-install choice! Don’t spend precious funds on expensive lighting when you can instead spend them upgrading your sound system!

Even if you’re not a club promoter, we know plenty of homes that open their doors to intimate acoustic performances. If you want your home to have that “club” feel you should definitely check out the Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Laser with Remote. The vortex will transport your guests to another time entirely and transfix them with its spinning mysteries! With our motion light projector, you’ll be that much closer to replicating the amazing light shows of the 60s and 70s!

Garden Parties

When you’re done sprucing up your backyard (perhaps with some of our nifty DIY yard ideas), you’ll no doubt want to have some folks over to see the amazing changes. As we all know, warm weather garden parties are at the heart of any good neighborhood. You can blind them with harsh spotlights, leave them in the dark looking for their drinks, or you can dazzle them with an incredible light show!

We have some great laser light projectors that are perfect for weekend parties as well as when the holidays come around. Your guests both young and old will be delighted by your displays and will no doubt be begging to know where your projectors came from (whether or not you tell them or keep it to yourself is your call!)


As you can see, there is an abundance of ways to use your motion laser light projectors! Don’t limit yourself to just the major holidays but, instead, find as many ways as you can to get use out of those projectors year round! There’s nothing better than being able to entertain your family and friends with an astounding light show whenever they drop by.

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