5 Easy Holiday Decorations for People Who Hate to Decorate

July 13, 2017 1 Comment

5 Easy Holiday Decorations for People Who Hate to Decorate

If you can believe it, we’ve already made it over the year’s hump and are currently more than halfway to New Year’s. It truly seems like when we were kids that the holidays couldn’t come soon enough. But, now that we’re older, it seems that the holidays are always right around the corner. Before we can blink, the kids’ Christmas lists are appearing in serendipitous locations around the house and the old holiday decorations are getting hauled out of the crawl space.

There’s not a heck of a lot we can do about the Christmas lists—they’re probably going to get fulfilled by hook or by crook—but decorating doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there are plenty of quick and easy ways you can make your home that much more festive without risking life and limb to do so.

In this article, as part of our Christmas in July Series we’re going to look at a few of the fun and creative ways you can spruce up your home this holiday season without maximum effort and in a minimum amount of time. That way, you’ve got more time to spend in the department store hunting down the latest trendy toy.

5. A Holiday Window Display

By far one of our most unique light projectors is the Digital Window Decorating Kit with 12 Holiday Videos.

This projector recalls the old window decorations of neighborhood parties and the famous window displays of New York City, except with a 21st Century twist. 

Choose from 12 amazing designs with 4 specially designated for Christmas. There are falling snowflakes, festive partygoers, a happy Christmas scene behind frosted glass and, of course, old Saint Nick himself!

4. Make A Fresh DIY Wreath

We know plenty of people who go out and buy a wreath when they grab their tree. This is fine. No shame. But making your own wreath is so easy and so much fun that it’s a wonder why more folks don’t just do it themselves!

There are plenty of fancy guides out there that will help you construct this fun little project but, truth be told, it’s pretty easy! All you need is a wire hanger and some of the trimmings from your Christmas tree (or any Fraser or Douglas fir if you happen to live in an area where they are plentiful). 

  1. Bend an old wire hanger into a circle leaving the hook intact.
  2. Use branches 7-10” long and arrange them around the wire.
  3. Affix to the wire using either twine or hot glue. Alternatively (if you’re in a pinch) we’ve seen people artfully use rubber bands.
  4. Decorate with ribbons, tinsel, and ornaments as you see fit.
  5. Hang!

See, in just 5 simple steps you can have your very own DIY wreath!

3. Lasers and LED Spotlights, Oh My!

These days, everyone’s talking about laser lights. So we decided to bundle that great laser tech with an LED spotlight and badda boom, you have the Green Laser, LED Spotlight with Remote!

This way, you can have your green laser lights or an incredible bright, white accent light to spotlight your home. It’s sure to make a splash in any neighborhood! Can you say easy holiday decoration or what?

The best part is the price: all of that power and light for just $59.99. And if you choose to get one of our certified reconditioned lights, that price is slashed to just $41.99!

2. Laser Lights for Christmas AND Hanukkah

Did you know that we here at Night Stars sell the world’s first tricolor laser system? 

Not only can you enjoy the red and green lights you’ve come to know and love but, with the Red, Green & Blue Laser with Remote, also a cool blue! This light is perfect for those of us who celebrate Hanukkah!

1. Change Accent Light Bulbs

If you’ve got accent lights around your home, one of the easiest ways to show a little bit of holiday cheer is by simply changing out the bulbs. We’ve seen people take those boring old white lights out and replace them with red and green for a decidedly “Christmas time” feel.

The best part is, all you have to do is go down to the hardware store. Find the bulbs you like and then switch them out! If you can change a light bulb, then there’s no reason you can’t have a festive holiday display!


There are so many easy ways to have the holiday home you desire this Christmas that you shouldn’t limit yourself to tangles of string lights. Not only are they a pain to set up and break down, but Christmas string lights can be dangerous too!

We hope that with this list, you can simply and safely enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Don’t blink because, ready or not, it’s right around the corner!

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Ema John

July 28, 2017

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