3 Epic Outdoor Laser Lights and LEDs for Under $50!

August 31, 2017

3 Epic Outdoor Laser Lights and LEDs for Under $50!

Here’s the thing about being money-conscious: it always comes with some kind of negative connotation, right? If you don’t want to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on some new-fangled outdoor laser light or LED doo-hickey, folks will call you cheap. They’ll call you a penny pincher or worse!

The fact of the matter is that you’re not cheap. You’re frugal.

You’re not a penny pincher. You’re a person who knows a great deal about good deals. As a wise man once said, you know when to spend and when to mend.

It’s a good thing you’re here then because this article is for you!

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best outdoor laser lights we sell at Night Stars that are all under fifty bucks! If you were considering buying some of our incredible outdoor laser light projectors but were waiting for the right time, well, here it is!

The Green Laser

A little bit like the Green Monster, the Green Laser is the iconic light that started it all.

Do you want to forever end your tangled mess of Christmas lights but do it quickly, efficiently and economically? Well then look no further than the Green Laser. See the way it sparkles against the façade of your home and the way your children’s eyes will light up as they see the joy you’ve brought to your Christmas and holidays displays.

The best part about this light is the way that it will actually keep you safe by ending your holiday ritual of climbing a rickety ladder to hammer lights up every year. The second best thing about this light is the way that it looks. The third best thing about this light is that, at $25.99, you can’t afford NOT to buy this outdoor laser light! 

Green Laser, LED Spotlight with Remote

So you’ve read about the Green Laser and you’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s pretty great. How could it possibly get any better?” Well, check out what did with the Green Laser, LED Spotlight with Remote. We took the great laser tech we built into the Green Laser and then imbedded in an LED spotlight!

This way, you can have your green laser lights or an incredible bright, white architectural accent light to spotlight your home. This outdoor laser light is sure to make waves in any neighborhood!

In addition, this light has a free three-year warranty, 1600 square feet of coverage, water resistant, cold weather proof, and contains an advanced frequency remote!

How much would you think a light like this would cost? $100? $200?


In fact, this light is just $41.99! We can’t believe it either!

Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Lasers with Remote

Are you trying to keep the spirit of the 1960s alive?

Or perhaps you’re just wondering what it would be like if you stepped “through the looking glass?” 

The Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Lasers with Remote lets you easily do all of these things! Created to promote the new Alice in Wonderland Disney movie, this light promises to give your home a look like no other!

This light is for those that truly go their own way because you can choose from three different styles of vortex or turn it into an LED floodlight to accent the architecture of your home! If you’re looking for an outdoor LED and laser light that’s both incredibly cool and won’t put a hole in your bank account, this is the light for you!

At $49.99, you can truly have it all!

These lights prove that you don’t have to break the bank to have a super cool laser or LED light projector for you home. Of course these lights are great for use around the holidays but we think they’re great to keep around all year too! Your outdoor light projectors will be a smash at your gatherings, parties or good for just giving a little bit of light and levity to your neighborhood.

So stop hesitating and shop today, because there’s no better time to buy and start creating your own custom landscape with Night Stars LED and laser light projectors!

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