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3 Holiday Decoration Fails You Won’t Believe!

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Believe it or not, being in the laser and LED holiday decoration business, we hear about plenty of holiday lighting fails. Oftentimes, it comes from our customers, sometimes it comes from our employees themselves, but they always leave us a little stunned with a lot of laughing. Therefore, we figured what better way to spread a little Christmas in July cheer than to share some of these stories.

There’s only 168 days left until Christmas, and, as you know, those weeks and months will just fly by so why not start thinking about the ways you’re going to decorate your home. Or, better yet, ways that you shouldn’t decorate your home! Check out these hilarious holiday decoration fails!

Hung From the Chimney With Care

This one comes from one of our employees who found someone other than Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick on their roof!

“Our father was always the ‘above and beyond dad’ in the neighborhood. He had to have the biggest and best holiday displays. During the Fourth of July, he would get those mortar bombs that would set off all of our neighbors’ car alarms. Luckily, all the neighbors would be at our place celebrating so he’d never get in trouble. Once, for Thanksgiving, he bought a bunch of Butterball Turkeys and had a ‘turkey hunt’ in the backyard for his buddies.

You can imagine, then, that come Christmas time, the house looked more like the stage setup for Trans-Siberian Orchestra than our humble New Jersey home. On the roof, there was the requisite Santa with the eight reindeer except these were, like, really nice, realistic-looking reindeer and a hand-carved Santa that cost him an arm and a leg that our mother never let him live down purchasing. 

I remember I was watching A Christmas Story with my brother and we could hear my father on the roof. Keep in mind that this was about a week from Christmas, the lights had been up for a month, but they just weren’t ‘right’ according to him. He kept adjusting the placement of Rudolf. Well, next thing we know, we here a crash and a yelp. My brother and I go outside and find our father clinging to the chimney, legs dangling over the roof!

He managed to grab onto the gutter and ride it to safety but tore it down in the process. He spent the weekend before Christmas repairing it. The next Christmas, he sold the Santa display. Go figure.” 

Lights Out!

This next story comes from one of our customers. It involves the last time he ever used traditional string lights!

“A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have inherited a beautiful old house from my grandparents—all wood floors, old lighting fixtures and one of those vintage gas stoves.

Before then, my wife and I had been living in a newer townhouse. I used to go a little crazy with the lights. My wife used to joke you could see our house from space it was so bright. Admittedly, yes, I went a bit overboard. But I learned my lesson. 

The day after Thanksgiving, I began setting up all of my lights. I was on the ladder for the better part of the day getting everything set up. I’ll tell you, it was going to be epic. I waited until nightfall, got my wife out into the yard and flipped the switch. 

What do you think happened? 

Along with those great old floors and vintage appliances we had very old wiring. And just like that, poof, the fuse blows. Not just that, but I’d overloaded the circuit, causing almost all of the light bulbs in the house to break. Long story short—we had a bunch of broken glass in a pitch-black house.

We stayed at a hotel that night and replacing the bulbs and the fuse cost us a pretty penny too. So what did I do? Out with the string lights and in with the Night Stars! Honestly, we were going to use the projectors for our holiday decorating just until we could get an electrician out, but they ended up being so simple, efficient, and great looking, that we kept on using them!”

A Hanukah Helping Hand

Here’s another story from one of our customers! 

“On our block, we’re one of the few Jewish families so when people come cruising down the street, they see a bunch of bright lights and our house with our little Menorah in the window. For some reason, my husband got it into his head that we should decorate for the holidays. Obviously we didn’t want anything overtly Christmas-y but some white or blue lights just to be a little more festive.

I agreed. What a mistake!

Here’s a guy who’s never decorated a house with lights in his life. After he was done, awful doesn’t quite cover the way it looked. Honestly, it appeared more like the 34th Street Macys had thrown up on our roof! Lights here and there with no discernible pattern. 

So I told him to take it all down.

Instead, I did a little research of my own and found the laser light projector with the blue light, bought four of them, staked them into the ground and we were done! It was just that simple and now we’ve got some lovely blue lights for all eight nights!”


Accidents happen when you’re decorating for the holidays. Holiday decorating fails always have occurred and they will continue to happen in the future. Luckily, in these accidents, everyone ended up okay. Just be sure to be careful when it comes time for holiday decorating, or trade out those antiquated string lights for simple, safe laser and LED light projectors!

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