The Awe-inspiring Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Light with Remote

February 23, 2017

The Awe-inspiring Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Light with Remote

Choosing our favorite laser light projector is like asking us to choose our favorite child— it seems like an almost impossible task! In the spirit of helping our customers, we’re going to single the one projector that’s always being complimented for how unique and just all-around awesome it is: the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Light with Remote. 

There are so many wonderful features that make this laser light projector exceptional but, just as well, there are so many things making it similar to the other members of our family of amazing laser light projectors.

Here are all of the different reasons that make this holiday laser light display a must have for the holidays!

An Amazing Array of Images

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this isn’t the traditional laser light display of thousands of glittering green and red lights. What’s unique to the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote, as opposed to many of our other models, is the unmatched selection of patterns that you can choose from to display on your home. 

For Christmas

For Christmas, we’ve got a traditional Christmas ornament, spherical in shape with a ring so it can be hung. Be careful because you may mistake it for an ornament for your tree! We’ve also included a jolly Santa Clause slide replete with full beard and a smiling moustache. And, of course, no display would be complete without a sweet treat— a candy cane! For a slightly more non-denominational holiday display, we’ve also included a snowflake, ringing bells and a star! 

By far, one of the most popular images is the solemn angel sounding a trumpet. When you flip the motion setting on, it actually appears as if there are multiple angels flying around the façade of your home! It’s truly incredible and you have got to see it to believe it! 

For Throughout the Year

But it’s not just Christmastime that you can use your laser light projector and that’s what sets our lights apart from our competitors! 

For instance, we include slides for a Valentine’s Day heart that you can display to surprise your sweetheart and the visage of a butterfly to welcome those first warm days of spring! When in comes Halloween time, you’ve got a bat in flight and a witch on her broom and, using the motion settings, you can have them flying around your home or garden to the delight of your guests and neighbors!

The speckled dot lights are perfect for holidays, party nights or anytime! Turn your home or garden into a moving or static light display in seconds flat!

The Laser Lights You’ve Come to Love

So that’s what sets the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote apart but there are many things that keep it firmly in the family with our other laser light projectors.

The housing for the projector is durable ABS plastic meaning that it can withstand any sleet, snow, rain or sun that nature throws its way. It’s got our gold-standard internal heating and cooling mechanism so it’ll never get too hot or too cold. The projector can cover up to a mind-blowing 3,000 sq. ft. of your home, and, of course, comes with our ironclad 100% free three-year warranty!

Choose between red, green or both lights with options for four, six or eight hour daily cycles (meaning you don’t have to fiddle with it throughout the day or night) and the display will move, stay put or flash all at the command of your remote


As is probably clear now, we stand firmly behind our entire family of laser lights and LED light projectors and that always makes it difficult to select just one to feature. The Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote is our favorite today but tomorrow, who knows? Maybe it’ll be one of our LED lights with slides, or perhaps it will be our window decorating kit. With so many great options, it’s no wonder why time and time again customers leave completely satisfied with their laser or LED light projector from Night Stars!

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